Ewen's Room

                                           Hi! Welcome to EWEN’S ROOM. 

At the moment it’s a bit untidy!  But we do hope we’ll get it sorted out eventually!

We have set up this website in memory of our son, Ewen, who died on 6th January 2008, aged 29.  He had been suffering from Schizophrenia, which was diagnosed formally only after his death.  It was typical of Ewen that he tried to put a brave face on things and was determined not to let anyone know what was really going on in his head.

The aim of EWENS ROOM is to do what we can to help, not only those suffering from psychotic illness, but also their close family, friends and colleagues, who may find themselves involved in trying to help and care for them. We hope that sharing of our own and others’ experiences through this ‘meeting room’ may in time improve the life prospects for those afflicted.

We cannot provide ‘expert’ knowledge of the causes, symptoms or treatment of psychotic disease, but we have listed some sources of information which you may find helpful.


So, thank you for logging on to EWENS ROOM.  Please read Ewen’s story - we hope you can provide comments and contributions through his Guestbook.

Best wishes - Ewen’s Mum and Dad




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