Predator of souls

Destroyer of minds

So crafty, so cruel

You hid all the signs

That youd chosen our son

To have and to hold

To use as your pawn

And take into your fold


You laughed in his face

As he struggled to keep

Going forward each day

You interrupted his sleep

I knew in my heart

That he meant what he said

When he told me so often

He wished he was dead


He spoke of control

From those in command

The doctors and me

He felt he was damned

That last day he told us

A demon was there

Sat right on his shoulder

And, yes, he was scared


But now its too late

As he took his own life

That January evening

But HE ended the strife

That was bestowed on him

As only HE knew

By that predator of souls



© Rosemary  28 May 2008


I wrote this about three or four months after Ewen died.  I hesitated about sharing it, but I believe very strongly in the power of the written word.

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Ewen’s Mum


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